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At some point in a person's life, there comes a time to start a new relationship with their portfolio. One where their assets start giving back. For many, this happens sometime as they approach retirement age. We call this entering their income generation, when there are new choices, new freedoms, and new things to consider.

Jim’s Story

To illustrate this, we invite you to read Jim’s Story - an example of someone of this generation approaching retirement.

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Meet Jim.

Jim is about to enter a new generation of financial choices.

Born into a post war boom of new American prosperity.

He watched the first moon landing with his family.

Came of age during America’s Bicentennial.

Eventually Jim started working.

He married.

Started a family of his own.

And when he could, saved a few dollars for “retirement.”

Marriage Children Workplace

Working for his money

Jim pursued his dream over the next 30 years.


…while saving and investing for some future time called retirement


…funding his life


…working for his money

Jim Now

Jim is getting closer to what is a new and exciting phase in his life.

A new age when the rules on how he can manage his money may change.

Jim has new choices and different options for his income.

A new way to manage money…

Jim’s Income Generation.




…putting his assets to work to help him generate income.

What will change?

Financial obligations may change.

  • Mortgage?
  • Life insurance?
  • 401(k) contributions?
  • Health insurance?

Options go up…

  • Keep working?
  • Retire?
  • Try something new?
What to consider?

As Jim begins to use his assets for Income Generation, he will need to consider how these impact his strategy.

  • Longevity: Making his money last through retirement
  • Inflation: Maintaining his purchasing power
  • Market Volatility: Protecting his assets from market fluctuations
  • The Unexpected: Preparing for unplanned expenses such as healthcare or long-term care
  • Legacy: Planning for his family and others

With the right customized blend of strategies, Jim can more successfully manage his Income Generation.

Photo of Jim rowing a boat
Who can help?

Wells Fargo Advisors

Jim wants access to the right expertise, personalized service, and flexibility to make the most of his retirement. Wells Fargo Advisors brings expertise in helping people manage their income generation.

Is it time for you to start thinking about your Income Generation?

Complete your story by answering 5 simple questions to create your own Personal Income Generation Profile, then save your results to discuss with a financial professional.

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